Avoid Low Calorie Diets For a Healthy lifestyle

People think cutting calories from your diet has health benefits such as losing some weight. Yet for many, it rarely happens. A Healthy Lifestyle can be achieved by smartly analyzing what we eat. The problem with a low-calorie diet is that it is not sustainable. Your metabolism will immediately react to a deficit of calories. Furthermore, it will trigger other problems to emerge in your body. Low-calorie diets can cause health problems in the long run.

These Diets Deprive You Of Vital Nutrients & Cause Healthcare Problems

On the face of it, this sort of meal plan looks promising. However, cutting out carbs, fats or protein excessively can be detrimental. These meals start by promising weight loss. They want you to have your dream physique. For example, this diet proposes a simple formula fewer calories means you get to live healthier. The human body is a lot more complicated than that. As we start taking low-calorie diets, digestion and metabolism also slow down.

So, in the end, we end up burning fewer calories. This happens because the senses a calorie deficit and conserves energy. This is a natural process. Another mistake people make is that they immediately start to starve themselves. The phenomenon of crash dieting has become popular because of this. If the human body is already low on nutrients starvation will worsen your condition.

To understand this better imagine your body the moment you wake up. You are sluggish and almost fatigued. This has happened because your body shuts offs when you sleep. This includes your metabolism. Now, the same thing happens when you are on a calorie-restricted plan. Eventually, fatigue will set in and other health problems will occur. Most people just start eating less. They don’t consider the proper balance of macronutrients in a diet plan.

Macronutrients Need To Balanced For a Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Calorie restrictions can become a real issue if prolonged. Starvation will deprive you of vitamins, iron, and calcium among other nutrients. A restricted intake of carbs can be dangerous. Carbs are required to form glucose in the body. Glucose is vital for proper brain function. This will become a reason for feeling heavy-headed. Nutritionists recommend balancing out macros to develop a sustainable diet plan.

It is better to eat consistently than starve yourself. Eventually, the starving body will force you to eat. In doing so you might consume more than what is required. Now, you have more calories than you need. This can cause weight gain. If such a cycle is repeated over and over again, the body will be permanently starved for nutrients. Most people can not keep such a diet for too long unless they force themselves.

Some common problems associated with low-calorie diets,


Constipation is a really common issue. Its severity increases with low-calorie diets. If we don’t consume healthy lifestyle dietary fiber, constipation can et in. Carbs and protein are needed to get rid of constipation. Some people even consider drinking less fluid to look thinner. This is also a part of a low-calorie diet Drinking fewer fluids can be dangerous in long run with regards to digestion.


Nausea will start to set in due to a lack of fuel in the body. It takes a long time after which the body will burn its stored fats. Before that, the body will require you to consume a sufficient amount of calories to burn. If it doesn’t get what it needs, the body begins to slow down. It is forcing you to burn less energy and conserve it for later use.

Lack Of Vital Nutrients

A lack of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron can be an issue. For example, Vitamin D deficiency is related to a bone-healthy lifestyle as the body can not absorb calcium without it. All of these components are connected in some way. If one falls another issue might arise.

Sudden Weight Loss Is Not Healthy

If you manage to reduce your weight by following such meal plans, it is going to come at a cost. Your vital organs will have suffered. The liver most of all would be affected. The loss of weight would mean fat reserves in your body are depleted. You may suffer from a loss in muscle mass. This is a combination of a detrimental lifestyle. Such diets are ok for the short term. However, they can cause problems in the long run

Develop a Sustainable Diet For a Healthier Lifestyle

Dieting can be a great way to achieve your health goals. They can guide us towards a healthier lifestyle. However, it needs to be done in a way that gives us health benefits. Moreover, we also achieve the physique we want. Multiple meal plans can be found online. Find the one that fits your need. Such as plans for weight loss or diets for muscle growth.

Firstly, clear up your existing diet. Balance out the macronutrients like carbs, fats, and protein. Consult a healthcare professional or a dietitian for the optimal plan. Secondly, develop a routine and make sure to stick by it. Add a bit of exercise of light running to expedite the process. Lastly, keep a record of your weight and other vitals.

Dietary supplements can be a great source of vital nutrients. Furthermore, adding supplements to your daily routine helps you with any deficiency. Vitamin and calcium need to be treated first. The body will take time to adjust to the new routine. It might not accept all of the foods that you have given it. Consistency is the key to any new weight or diet goal you want to achieve. Keep at it and eventually, you’ll get there.

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