Inflammatory Foods to Avoid For a Healthy Lifestyle

There are certain inflammatory foods that we should avoid. They react differently to everyone who consumes them daily. Particular food intolerance towards them also causes inflammation. On the other hand, they may not cause any health problems for some people. It depends upon your eating habits. Moderation is the to staying fit and healthy.

We shall discuss some of the most common causes of stomach discomfort. Trying new ingredients or not having enough experience with them also distributes your digestion. Your stomach hasn’t yet adapted to this new diet. Inflammation is sometimes the result of a change in your eating habits.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods To Optimize Your Diet Plan

Your diet plan needs to include foods that you are familiar with. Trying new things is good but it also needs to be sustainable in the long run. This is more important when talking about inflammatory foods. Certain things mess with your digestion. Now imagine eating them every single day because you are on a diet. Avoid them as its the only way to optimize your diet plan.

Moreover, dietitians recommend researching whether you have an allergy or food intolerance. Any sort of stomach discomfort can also be from infections. However, if the inflammation usually comes after eating something, it is better to look closely at what you ate. Some of the most common inflammatory foods to avoid are:

  • Processed foods
  • Anything that contains gluten
  • Refined carbs
  • Sugary drinks or excessive sugar intake
  • Oily or fried food

Processed Foods Are a Major Source Of Inflammation

Processed products can cause stomach discomfort in some people. They are considered inflammatory foods because of the preservatives and additives in them. Our stomach and gut health are affected by these products. When buying them make sure to read the ingredients list. If you find anything that you are allergic to don’t buy them.

Moreover, they are generally considered unhealthy and are major contributors to weight gain. This in itself is enough for you it completely from your daily routine. Find healthier organic alternatives. Chances are they are less likely to cause inflammation and improve it.

Many plant-based sources soothe digestive discomfort. For example, cruciferous vegetables are known for being extremely healthy as they are rich in antioxidants.

Get Rid Of Gluten

Gluten is in a lot of the things we eat regularly. Some people have gluten intolerance and simply can not digest it. This leads to inflammation because it is not easy for the stomach to process. Wheat flour is one of the biggest contributors to gluten in our diet. Furthermore, it is also present in many processed products make sure to remove them from your diet.

For example, avoid eating too much white bread and starchy foods. There are plenty of gluten-free organic sources that are a much healthier choice. Its major side effects include weight gain as the body stores it as excess fat. If you are already overweight consider avoiding getting rid of it together.

Remove Refined Carbohydrates From Your Diet

Inflammatory foods cause damage to your health in the long term. Another good example of what you should avoid is refined carbohydrates. The biggest source of refined carbs in our diet is breakfast cereal. This also means you should reduce white bread and white flour in general.

Carbohydrates themselves aren’t bad for you moreover, they are an important macronutrient. However, they must be taken in moderation. Count calories when consuming carbs and make an effective diet plan accordingly.

Furthermore, this will also reduce any inflammation discomfort that you may face. Slowly start to eliminate sources of refined carbs from your daily routine and eat more leafy green vegetables.

Sugary Drinks Cause Inflammation

Sugary soft drinks can worsen your existing inflammation. Excessive sugar is linked to multiple health conditions. Soft drinks are the major contributors to excessive sugar intake. Weight gain is an obvious side effect of it. Moreover, many people have digestive problems after drinking carbonated beverages.

Another side is slowed digestion and lowered metabolic rate. Furthermore, refined sugar is found in almost every single processed food we eat. If you are not following a diet, you likely consume it without even noticing. Try fruits to curb your sweet tooth because they contain very little sugar which will not cause you any harm.

Oily Fried Foods

Oily and fried foods also cause inflammation in the body. The body reacts with excessive salt, carbs, and fat in them. For example, fast food is generally considered unhealthy. It has everything that a good diet shouldn’t have. The oil itself slows your digestion and the artificial additives worsen the situation.

They are mostly made with processed products that contain refined sugars and preservatives. These additives may contribute to heart-related conditions. You should eat a home-cooked meal made with organic ingredients. They are subject to far less processing and which leads to being less inflammatory.

Stay Away High Protein Foods

A high protein diet has its benefits only when taken in moderation. Protein is an important macronutrient much like fat and carbs. However, it is considered one of the major inflammatory foods. If taken in excessive amounts it will cause stomach pain and indigestion. As a result, some people may feel inflammation from it. Red meat is the most likely way people consume protein.

Too much of it causes cardiovascular diseases. So, if you are truly making an optimized diet plan make sure to have a reasonable portion of protein. This is a calorie-dense food and even a small amount means a lot. If you are having any sort of health-related complications consult a healthcare professional.

Vegan Substitutes May Reduce Inflammation

Vegan and vegetarian diets have become popular in recent years and for good reason. They are considered to be perfect for controlling and eliminating inflammation and improving digestion and immunity. Furthermore, vegan substitutes for protein and carbs help a lot in weight loss and improving your eating habits. It mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

It might not seem as calorie-dense however, they provide the same nutritional value as any other meal plan. For example, if red meat causes you stomach problems it is better to try nuts and veggies as a new protein source. Get rid of anything that you are not familiar with because the goal is to make a sustainable organic healthy lifestyle.

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