Write for Us

Healthrushpro provides an opportunity for talented writers to contribute to our blog. We are a team of dedicated individuals whose main goal is to provide our readers with healthcare knowledge and insight. For those who are interested in writing for our blog, we demand the utmost attention to research and quality. We have a value-based approach to our content. The content on our blog must provide the reader with new information that they didn’t know previously.

Most of our readers are looking for a solution to a problem. It could be a health-related issue or they might be looking for a new diet to try. The fact of the matter is that we need to help them get to the right answer. Furthermore, if the reader searches a question and comes upon our blog they will find it valuable. This is exactly what we want from people who write for us. Commitment and meeting deadlines with exceptional content are the bottom line.

Our Requirements

The topics that you will write about can be very specific or diverse. We will deliver the topic to you. The scope of the topic will be determined by the word count. We expect a minimum word count of 1000 words. For example, If the content is submitted and it doesn’t meet this requirement it will be rejected. However, if the content is plagiarized or has been copied in some way it will also not get through. We want our writers to be extremely precise and to the point. The topic that is given must meet the skill and competence we want from you, not the other way around.

We have worked in past with many talented individuals. They have provided us with quality content. We demand your utmost attention to detail. Aside from the content, we want to develop a cordial relationship with the people we work with.

Selection Process

We have our selection process. Multiple people will apply for the requirement. After a thorough review of their portfolio, we will select a couple of individuals. These individuals will submit test content. They might be given the same topic to work on or multiple topics. The duration of will is decided and conveyed to you. We might request you to write on our current blog once as a guest poster or to continue writing for us.

Researching & Proofreading

Researching a topic that we provide is necessary. You must gain enough knowledge about it. We expect your best when it comes to delivering content. Our topics will be vast and complex. So, we expect our writers to be adaptable and have prior knowledge about the health industry. We encourage all hopeful writers to be well prepared to tackle various aspects of the topic we cover. Moreover, we aim to build a strong partnership with our writers. We consider it a privilege to work with talented individuals who can deliver exceptional content.

Proofreading is a time-consuming process. Writers need to be good proofreaders. Moreover, this skill is a basic requirement. We have gathered feedback on the content written by multiple members of our team. Furthermore, these writers have gone on to become one of the best content producers on the internet. The feedback that we get is extremely positive. This shows the commitment of the people working for us. Healthrushpro as a blog is made more vibrant by the people that join us.

Creative writers can contribute to a blog and elevate its content. We aim to bring in as many creative and like-minded individuals as we can to boost the blog. Our team would like nothing more than to see us grow together.

Collaboration is the way forward for our blog. The scope of the blog depends upon our writers. We would not be where we are today without their contributions. We provide a platform for young and talented individuals. In return, they give us the best content available on the internet. Furthermore, it is the trust we build that keeps our bond strong.

Establish Constant Communication

Healthrushpro wants you to contribute great content. Furthermore, we value constant communication with the people we work with. Communication for you is the key to understanding what exactly to write. We will make sure to be as plain and simple as what sort of content we want a quality blog post that solves the reader’s problem and provides them with a solution. If you think you have what it takes to be creative and contribute to our blog, contact us at our email address.